Mrs. Querry: Title I Reading
Welcome to our class page!  We will be working on many reading skills this year.  
Some of the skills we will work on are:

  • Word recognition
  • Learning new vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

We will use the Read Live program to help meet each student's reading level and interests!  You will get to choose your own stories and learn some really COOL stuff you might not have known before! 

Can zebras be colors other than just black and white?
Did you know there was a giant flood of molasses in Boston?
Can a person have three legs?

Picture of a Quagga       Molasses Flood in Boston Headline           Three Legged Man

The best way to learn new vocabulary is to use it!  Log on to Quizlet and find the Read Live story you are working on this week.  There are several games/activities for you to play that will help you practice the new vocabulary words from your story!