Language Arts II

Welcome to Language Arts II

This is a survey class of literary genres (fiction, poetry, drama) and non-fiction with an emphasis on real-world events and world literature.  Focus will be on finding common themes, ideas and experiences throughout literature and relating those experiences to students’ lives.  LAII will also place emphasis on writing to explore the students’ relationship to the world through independent writing and responses to non-fiction.  In order to help develop reading and writing skills, students will also have lessons to develop vocabulary, reading strategies, logical thought, grammar, and analysis skills.  Students can expect to write informally on a weekly basis and formally several times throughout the year.  Outside reading is also required.

Units of Study:
Poetry- August/September
Shakespeare- September/October
Coming of Age- October/December
Historical Fiction- January/February
EOC Prep- March/April
Realistic Fiction- April/May

This year we will be reading:
Various poems and short stories
Julius Caesar
To Kill A Mockingbird
Animal Farm
Whale Talk
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